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We are launching our brand new website at MinisterialAssociation.org. This site will disappear after January 1, 2015 and will automatically redirect to MinisterialAssociation.org.

Ministry in Motion

Ministry in Motion is our new weekly TV program where we explore best practices for ministry! It can be found on Hope Channel (DirecTV channel 368 in North America) or on our new YouTube channel.

Revived by His Word

Join the world church in reading a chapter of the Bible each day!





Seventh-day Adventist Elder’s Handbook 2013 (softcover only, 176 pages)

Seventh-day Adventist Elder’s Handbook 2013 (softcover only, 176 pages)

Completely New Edition (ENGLISH ONLY) Spanish translation is not yet available.

This completely new edition of the Elder’s Handbook has 8 chapter’s dealing with everything from Biblical models of organization, job description, leadership in church, evangelism, church nurturing and special services. This handbook has been prepared to assist elders in understanding their calling, and to train them in their leadership role in the church. The Elder’s Handbook emphasis is given to the function of the elder according to biblical principles of organization and leadership which may be adapted anywhere in the world. Every pastor, elder, and theology student should have a copy of this handbook.

Price $4.99 each plus shipping.



Ministerial Resource Center

Prices have been lowered!

The Ministerial Resource Center has just reduced the bulk of their resources by 70% to 90%. Expert speakers and authors bring you easy-to-understand books and practical applications through DVD’s and study guides to a variety of ministry challenges. Place your order today and watch your own professional development expand! Click here SHOP NOW!





Prayer Ministries Resources

Are you interested in learning another way to praise God? Have you every wondered how it's possible to praise God in all circumstances? Perhaps you'd like to know what the guidelines are for persons desiring annointing? If you've had these questions or ones similar to them, then these resources are for you!









Resource Library

This library is intended to supply you with free resources to help and improve your ministry.

If you have some helpful materials that you would like to share with pastors, lay leaders, administrators and pastors’ spouses around the world, please send an electronic copy to paynec@gc.adventist.org

The General Conference Ministerial Association is committed to resourcing pastors. If you are looking for other materials, please click on the Resource Center button and you will find other useful resources.