To address the unique needs of pastors’ children while fostering their Christian growth with spiritual support, resources, training, and networking. 


An effective ministry for children of pastors at division, union, conference, and mission levels that fosters in each pastor’s child: 

  • a love for God 
  • a healthy self-awareness as a child of God 
  • a growing spiritual relationship with the Seventh-day Adventist Church 
  • a renewed relationship with God and the church if there has been alienation 
  • an increased participation in God’s mission for the church, the community, and the world 

Why start this ministry? 

  • Pastors’ families are valued by the church and deserve support as they serve the local church. 
  • PKs experience unique challenges and greatly benefit from an understanding and nurturing support system. 
  • Many PKs are alienated from God and His church. This disengagement can be reversed with fervent faith, prayer, and wise, gentle guidance. 
  • PKs possess many gifts and a heritage of mission. Their faith can be ignited by the promised outpouring of God’s Spirit (Joel 2:28). 

Who is the target of this ministry? 

Pastors’ children of all ages. 

What are the components of Team PK?




How can you start a Team PK Ministry? (in your division, union, conference, or mission) 

  1. The division, union, conference, or mission executive committee prayerfully appoints a leader who preferrably grew up as a PK. 
  2. That leader prayerfully selects members of a Team PK committee made up of leaders from departments such as Ministerial, Family, Children’s, Youth, Sabbath School, Personal Ministries, and Prayer Ministries, along with youthful PKs. Collaboration and unity between all departments of the church can make this ministry most effective. 
  3. The Team PK committee prayerfully: 
    1. creates a strategic plan that addresses the spiritual, emotional, and social challenges and realities of PKs in the target region after conducting simple surveys and broad-based consultations, 
    2. chooses an appropriate name for the ministry that will attract young PKs, and 
    3. plans programs and ministries that address the mission, vision, and goals of their strategic plan. 
  4. And then the ministry begins—prayerfully!